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About Esther

Esther is the founder of Mind Yourself Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Clinical practitioner, Yoga Health Coach and Vedic Astrologer

She is a lifelong student of the Vedic Sciences and assists people to live a fulfilling and conscious lifestyle, based on timeless wisdom from the East.

Esther was born in Amersfoort in the Netherlands, she grew up in the countryside of the Veluwe and Northern Spain. She is mother of 2 sons and extended family of 4. Esther is a Clinical Ayurvedic practitioner, Yoga Health Coach, Yoga Recovery Counsellor and Vedic Astrologer and happily lives with her family in rural Auburn, Northern California. She enjoys being close with nature and devotes much of her time to her studies, service and prayer.

Esther studied Business in Utrecht and Amsterdam. During 1984 – 2003 she worked as a Sales Manager of British Airways in the Netherlands and was able to travel all over the world. It was during her professional corporate business life as a young adult that she became interested in Eastern traditions and philosophies and started a (much needed) journey of regular Yoga and meditation practice.


The practice of yoga was therapeutic and carried her through motherhood. 20 years later she did her Teacher training and Yoga of recovery certification at the Sivananda Ashram in California.


In 2003 she moved to California, did an international transfer of her job but realized that she needed to make a 180 degrees change in her life and resigned from a successful and secure career after 16 years of service. While balancing family life and raising kids, she studied Ayurveda for many years under several teachers both locally (in the USA) and abroad.

Esther’s journey brought her to the teachings of Ayurveda, Yoga and Jyotish through pain & loss. She has experienced deep grieve, the loss of her mother at the age of 16, mental health issues in her family to autoimmune disease.

Her study and clinical practice (since 2015) was focused on the application of nutrition and lifestyle practices, along with medical herbalism, subtle therapies and the Vedic arts for both the healing and prevention of disease. She is dedicated to increasing the integration of Ayurvedic medicine into modern healthcare, hence her specialization in autoimmune and mental health disease.

Her whole life she has been asking herself: “Why is there so much suffering”, what is the bigger picture?


This search brought her in 2018 to Jyotish (Vedic Astrollogy). A reading blew her away, the accuracy of every detail of her life! Her Jyotish teacher knew everything about her, her thought process, her flaws, her true nature and what it was that she is supposed to be doing in this life.


She was given homework, step by step she implemented new practices in her life. Within weeks after the reading she started seeing shifts in her relationships and her decision making process, there was such clarity and the ability to just Be. Jyotish is a great healing system, even more when used in conjunction with Ayurveda and Yoga. It is based on a profound understanding of the root cause of suffering and treats all aspects of life.

Esther is currently in the process of continuing her ongoing studies in the Shri Achyutānanda Das Tradition from Orissa India. She realizes that studying the Vedic ancient texts will be an ongoing journey in her life.

“If only this knowledge could be implemented in people’s healing journeys” was going through her mind, that is why she is offering this program.

Esther is a firm believer that as a practitioner you have to heal your own life first before you can help others. Besides her private practice, hiking the Sierra’s and going to the local farmers market Esther can be found teaching workshops at the College of Ayurveda and at the Sivananda Ashram.

The more Esther embraced this path and began following her purpose in life (dharma), the more contented and peaceful she has become. As such, she is sharing her story in hopes that you will come to embrace your own path, with successes and difficulties, and ultimately discover the life you were meant to create for yourself.



At Mind Yourself Ayurveda Esther uses the full range of Ayurvedic therapies, Yoga philosophy and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) to free the mind and give an universal perspective on healing autoimmune diseases and mental health.

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