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½ cup of Plain Whole Organic Yogurt

½ cup of Water

1/8 Tsp of Cumin

1/8 Tsp Cardamom

1/8 Tsp Fennel

Stir all of this together and leave outside of the refrigerator. Drink 3 hours after lunch or breakfast.

Benefits of a Takra are: Enkindles agni (stimulating agni) Astringent (reduces excess fluid in the digestive system) Contains healthy probiotics for the gut

Indications: Cumin: Used for digestion, gas, abdominal pain, bloating, sluggish digestion, and colitis Coriander: used for indigestion, sore throat, allergies, urinary tract infection, burning urethra, and hay fever. Cardamom: Uses: One of the best and safest digestive stimulant. It awakens the spleen, helps with poor absorption, indigestion and colds. Fennel: great herb for digestion, strengthening agni, abdominal pain, gas and burning urination.

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