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Rose Licorice Latte

Licorice is an adaptogen that doesn’t get a lot of press. While it’s considered to be tridoshic, it can provoke kapha if used in excess. Its cooling qualities make it a perfect fit for pitta and pitta conditions of the digestive tract, which often show up as excess heat in the body. Licorice is also a demulcent, which means it can coat and soothe, benefiting the throat and nourishing both a dry respiratory system and dry skin.


¼ teaspoon licorice root powder or chopped licorice root

½ teaspoon rosehips

8 ounces hot water

2 ounces almond milk or your preferred milk alternative


The licorice adds a sweetness that perfectly balances the rose without being overpowering. Start by steeping the rosehips and licorice in hot water for 7–10 minutes. The longer it steeps, the sweeter the licorice will taste, so shorten the steep time if you want a lighter licorice flavor. Strain, and then stir in almond milk with a spoon or milk frother. Let it cool to drinking temperature and enjoy!

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