Why sign up for 12 months?

Best results are obtained by committing to a yearlong program. Recognizing your “old patterns” and reprogramming the way you have been living is the most difficult thing in life and takes effort and time.

Through live-video and in-person consultations Esther will support you through a step-by-step process to improve your ability to overcome obstacles and keep you on a path of healing.

Community outreach program:


Esther currently sees patients by appointment only. If you have any financial concerns or issues, please discuss them personally with Esther and she will do her best to work

out an arrangement that both are comfortable.


Esther is committed to working with people who demonstrate interest in holistic medicine, as GOOD holistic medicine is not always available to all who want it. In appropriate cases, she will reduce her fees.



Please read the outline terms for each payment option and choose which you will commit to.

Option A:

Client makes a onetime payment in full of their program. (10% discount). Upon payment, client is granted access to all materials. This portal does have a time limit and is available until 1 year after your plan has ended.

Option B:

Client commits to making monthly payments. The clients first payment will grant you access to the material up to the Month you paid for. Clients are required to manually make their payments before the 1st day of every month. Once the next payments are made, the online website content will continue to open, granting you access to the information. This portal does have a time limit and is available until 1 year after your plan has ended.


At Mind Yourself Ayurveda Esther uses the full range of Ayurvedic therapies, Yoga philosophy and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) to free the mind and give an universal perspective on healing autoimmune diseases and mental health.